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Sep 30, 2012 11:30pm EDT
agree with you. people are always asking me what's wrong with the ravens defense? their defense is not as good, but the offense is better. one of the main reasons, he was defensive player of the year. he was the one guy any time you needed to, you knew he could get home and get to the quarterback. but there'll still a whether -- they're still a very good football team. they go to the road, take on kansas city team who struggled with matt cassell. >> i think when you look at baltimore. this is an offensive football team. it's the same way in mitts burg. pittsburgh. they turned into an offensive football team. they have weapons like with joe flacco. i think they're getting a little weak on the defensive side of the ball. the only pressure you get is up the middle. they're so hard to beat at home. they've got great leadership in ed reed and ray lewis. even on the offensive side of the ball. they've got a lot of playmakers. tori smith now, the young kid on the outside. getting jacobi jones, it gave them a third receiver on the outside. there's a lot of weapons. i think they beat kan
Sep 24, 2012 11:00pm EDT
, the possibility of an israeli strike on its nuclear facility. >> we do have all defensive means at our disposal and we are ready to defend ourselves. >> reporter: and his military leadership said sunday a preemptive strike by iran on israel is a possibility. on cbs this morning, he again denied iran is pursuing nuclear weapons. >> let's even imagine that we have an atomic weapon, a nuclear weapon. what would we do with it? what intelligent person would fight 5,000 american bombs with one bomb? also, because of our beliefs, we do not believe in a nuclear weapon. we are against it. >> reporter: israel has been chasing at american calls for restraint. president obama is likely to raise the issue in his own u.n. speech tuesday. >> i think the president needs to show that he is not doddling on the question of iran. >> we'll see tomorrow. as we said, this has been back burner in the public mind for much of the summer, but there remains right now the very real possibility of yet another war in the middle east. derek? >> thank you, gary. >>> mitt romney insists his campaign doesn't need a turnaround. t
Sep 25, 2012 11:00pm EDT
, the defense got it, green bay wins. they went with offense, seattle wins. watch 81, seattle, push his player out of the way. interference not called. apparently didn't catch the ball. refs rule he did. seattle wins. the nfl puts out a statement, yep, seattle wins. the ref who made the call had only refed games at the high school and junior college level. bipartisan vote the refs out. >> settle this and get our refs back. >> it is time to get the real refs. >> er: reportyou think? watch the refs hat trips a player. another ref is tricked by a coach to permit an extra challenge and a coach actually grabs a ref in anger. the diplomatic green bay head coach. >> it's a different year. there's no question about it. >> reporter: green bay's quarterback. >> it's all full. that's -- awful. that's all i'm going to say. >> reporter: why are high school referees -- the whole brouhaha against the refs and the necessarily back to the table to do the negotiating. guess what? no agreement. >> we're still waiting for the deal. meantime there is a lot to talk about. later on tonight, let's be real. h why is i
Sep 27, 2012 11:00pm EDT
at an american legion post in springfield, they attacked proposed cuts to the defense budgets. >> and the idea of committing our military commitment by a trillion dollars is unthinkable. >> and according to a recent cbs news poll, president obama holds a 4-point advantage over romney. the president meantime spent his morning campaigning in virginia beach and he used romney's tax return to make his pitch to the middle class voters. >> my opponent thinks it's fair that somebody that makes $20 million a year, like him, pays a lower rate than a cop or a teacher who makes 50,000. [ cheers and applause ] >> don't move. vote. [ cheers and applause ] >> president obama won virginia back in '08, but that state had gone for republican candidates since the previous presidential election. >>> and, of course, there are six more days of campaigning left before president obama and mitt romney have their first presidential debate. that is next wednesday in colorado. anita. >>> a renoir bought at a flea market bought for seven bucks might not be sold after all. it may have been stolen. they discovered document
Sep 28, 2012 11:00pm EDT
they were not just the regular safeguards but additional safeguards put in so we have a defensible program. >> reporter: we wanted to show you the police tonight out using the new equipment, but they wouldn't tell us where they were going to be. didn't want us to shoot it and apparently didn't want you to see it. >> thank you, gary. >>> a director of a local zoo charged with animal cruelty. and late today a quick trial ends with a guilty verdict. meghan mogenson who ran the reston zoo in fairfax convicted of putting down a sick wallaby by drowning the animal. we spoke with the former zoo curator who blew the whistle on the whole thing. >> no need to be changes. there needs to be a vet tech on staff. >> i'm hoping good comes out of this. >> i don't want anything bad for the zoo. there's so many animals i love and people that work there that do really love what they do. >> the judge sentenced mogenson to 30 days. she's appealing the case. >>> with less than six weeks tog before election day, both president obama and mitt romney are working to raise some campaign cash. for the first time in
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5